Our 2021 Christmas Message To You

Published September 16, 2022 tag category
Our 2021 Christmas Message To You

Guys Reveal 3 Acts That Will “Flip” Their Switches!

If you want to know what really turns your man on, turn to the taboo. They are most attracted to the things they’re told they can’t have. Here are a few sex secrets that will make him crazy!

Sex Etiquette – Rules of the Bedroom

Experts believe that more communicative couples can benefit from having the kind of sex and intimacy that they want and treasure. Here are just a few tips to improve your sexual etiquette.

Can Everyone Have an Inner Goddess Like Ana in Fifty Shades?

In Fifty Shades, Ana’s Inner Goddess makes many appearances and spurs Ana on to do things that she normally wouldn’t do. Is there anything that normal people can do to nurture their Inner Goddess? There certainly is!

You Can Last Longer Now – Discover the Secret to Boost Your Sexual Stamina

Do you experience humiliation from time to time because you are unable to completely satisfy your partner? The answer is more than likely a resounding ‘YES’ as premature ejaculation (PE) is a very common problem than affects almost half of all men. Making yourself feel less of a man because your partner is not sexually satisfied can be debilitating to many relationships and is totally unnecessary.

How To Get A Girl In Bed And Show Her What You’ve Got

How to get a girl in bed means getting to know how to please and impress her. Look out for signs that she is likewise sexually interested in you and then make your best to push the correct sexual buttons.

5 Fantasies Every Couple Should Try

When it comes to spicing up your love life, one of the best ways to keeping your relationship fresh is acting out a secret fantasy. Both men and women have them and role playing helps to strengthen a couple’s intimacy, allows each partner to release their sexual inhibitions in the bedroom, and can lead to stronger orgasms and better sex!

Sexual Strength for a Strong Relationship

Does the fact that I am married mean that sexual strength is as useful to me as condoms are? I am going to emphatically say that for me my ability to satisfy my wife has not only made her happier, but me happier and given us a strong relationship.